Saturday, February 19, 2022

Joseph Mazer - Jomaz

 In 1923, Joseph Mazer and his brother Lincoln founded Mazer Brothers in New York. Their line of costume jewelry was first produced in 1927.  Early Mazer jewelry was created by master designers such as Marcel Boucher. Mazer brothers insisted on using the highest quality materials in their jewelry construction. After 1946, the brothers split the business.  Joseph founded Joseph J. Mazer Company and marked their jewelry “Jomaz” or “Joseph Mazer” and were in business through 1981.  Lincoln continued to produce jewelry and sign it “Mazer Bros” until 1951.  This information was shared by Julia C. Carroll in Costume Jewelry 101.

Mazer jewelry is beautiful and a high quality of vintage jewelry. Most that I have found tested at gold plated surface metal. We are always happy when we find jewelry marked Joseph Mazer or Jomaz.

Happy Collecting! 

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